Daniele Grandi

Daniele is a Design Engineer at Autodesk in the Office of the CTO, working with generative design research prototypes to explore future workflows for making things. His previous work includes an engineering consulting role for a metal AM startup, focusing on design, simulation, and optimization of assemblies for AM.

I graduated from UC Berkeley with a Mechanical Engineering degree. I started working with 3D printers at Berkeley, where I founded the 3D Modeling Club. While additive manufacturing had been my main field of focus, I also enjoyed traditional manufacturing methods, applied to mechatronics projects. I enjoy getting my hands on all parts of a project, whether it involves design, coding, circuits, or fabrication.

The first 3D printing startup that I joined was eucl3D, a Berkeley startup working with game developers to provide custom high quality 3D printed collectibles.

Through Project BAM, the second 3D printing startup I joined, I learned more about metal additive manufacturing, and became interested in design optimization.

Other projects at Autodesk, GE, and Bay Area IP, is sampled below.

Recent Projects

Concept Interplanetary Lander

Research collaboration with NASA JPL leveraging generative design for space design

Generative Quadcopter

Quadcopter chassis designed using generative design research prototype software


Applied generative design research prototypes to the generation of a manufacturable car chassis

Other Work


Modular Chair

Leveraging Fusion 360 to automate the design customization of a chair

GE Oil & Gas

GE Turbine Sensor

Rapid prototype of a new turbine sensor casing

Olsryd 9 Cylinder

Olsryd 9 Cylinder Engine

Complete assembly of an airplane engine composed of more 1600 parts

Previous Projects

3D Modeling Club

Founder of the additive club at UC Berkeley

3D Printing Designathon

Organized the first additive hackathon at UC Berkeley

Project Azimuth

LabVIEW architecture of a robotic swarm to map environments



Winner of the GrabCAD rapid prototype and product development competition

Canoe rod-holder

Canoe Rod Holder

Product design competition

Fly High

Fly High

Design and manufacturing project