3D Printing Designathon

Spring 2015

My last semester of college I was able to fulfill a goal that I had been thinking about for quite a while -- hosting a hackathon with my club, 3DMC.

The 24h event was a huge success. It was Berkeley's first 3D printing hackathon, and it focused on designing and printing a solution to a problem that a student might face on campus.

Around 60 students from different majors participated, Made In Space gave a talk about their printer, and the panel of judges consisted of Autodesk CEO Carl Bass, Brad Kohlenberg of Made In Space, Ricardo Corona of MadeSolid, Bryan Allen from Type A Machines and Glenn Katz of Autodesk.

Type A Machines brought four of their printers, for a grand total of eight printers at the event, which ran continuously for most of the night.

For more info, check out the article 3dprint.com wrote about the event.